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How did Wandering Earl Tours begin?

In 2010, I started the travel blog WanderingEarl.com, assuming that it would become nothing more than a side project where I could jot down some thoughts about my travels. Somehow, the blog began to grow and by 2012, more and more people were asking me to organize trips to various parts of the world based on my own experiences. And so I did.

That’s how Wandering Earl Tours began. What started off as 3 trips offered back in 2013, has now become 12+ trips offered for 2016, with new destinations and itineraries being added every year.


Derek Baron - Wandering Earl Tours

About the Founder – Derek Earl Baron

Travel is basically all I know. After graduating university in 1999, I took a 3 month post-graduation trip to Southeast Asia with the idea of seeing a few cool things before settling down in the US and applying for jobs.

However, that 3 month trip is still going on today as I quickly decided that travel was going to be the most fulfilling thing I could possibly do and I wanted to keep it going for as long as possible. I never thought it would last this long, but it has and I’m thankful for all of the incredible experiences I’ve had over the years and all of the incredible people I’ve met.

Now, my goal is simple. To continue offering tours so that more people are able to explore some parts of the world that they otherwise might not get a chance to see and to enjoy the very same benefits and education that I have enjoyed over the years as a result of my travels.

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About the Tours

With Wandering Earl Tours, it’s not your typical group trip.

These are unique, small group tours designed to offer you a more in depth experience in the destinations you visit. I sometimes like to call it “independent travel with the comfort of a small group.”

Participants don’t have to worry about the logistics, and you have a highly skilled guide leading the way, leaving you free to enjoy the rewarding experiences, both organized and spontaneous, that can arise from independent travel every single day.

Our groups are usually between 6-10 participants, we don’t use big tour buses or eat in tourist restaurants and we always go into the very heart of everywhere we visit. We meet people, we try the most local dishes, we wander random streets and neighborhoods and we keep a flexible itinerary at all times, because you never know where the road will lead.  Of course, we also visit the major sights along the way too.

Best of all, we do it in a laid-back, no-pressure, no-herding fashion so that it doesn’t even feel as if you’re traveling with a tour group. It’s really just a bunch of friends exploring the world.

I sincerely thank you for having a look at the site and considering these trips. If you have any questions at all or I can be of assistance in any way, please reach out and send me an email. I’ll always reply as quickly as I can.


Derek E. Baron
Founder, Wandering Earl Tours