Our Guides

On our tours, local guides and/or drivers are used throughout the adventure. However, we also have one of our own trusted guides that accompany every single tour. These guides are the face of Wandering Earl Tours and they are responsible for making sure every aspect of the trip goes as smoothly as possible.

We’re confident that you’re going to enjoy meeting and interacting with our guides, just as much as we will enjoy meeting and interacting with you. After all, that’s why we do this kind of work…we love to travel, we love to meet new people and we love to show you some of our favorite destinations in the world!

Meet our guides…

Derek Baron - Wandering Earl

Derek Earl Baron

Guide for: India, Istanbul, Romania, Mexico

Since 1999 I’ve been living, traveling and working around the world. I’ve taught English in Thailand, worked as a Tour Manager on board cruise ships and in 2010, I started the travel blog, WanderingEarl.com. Since 2012, in between my personal travels, I’ve been organizing and leading tours in over a dozen countries as part of my Wandering Earl Tours project.

Whenever asked why I travel, my answer is always the same. People. I am fascinated by the fact that travel allows me to meet people around the world that I would never have met otherwise. Through these interactions I am able to gain a first-hand education like no other and that education alone is exactly what keeps me on the road for so long. As a result, organizing and leading trips around the world has been the perfect match for me!

Photo of Sakai - guide

Sakai Naismith

Guide for: All Southeast Asia tours (Thailand/Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangkok to Singapore)

When I was 12 my mother won a trip to France by guessing the number of mechano pieces in the Eiffel Tower at our local shopping centre. My parents over-capitalised on the trip and we visited 13 countries in 3 weeks. When we returned it seemed the whole family settled back into the daily grind with a sense of relief. I was restless for a long time afterwards, constantly reliving the experience and reminding myself of everything I had seen. I started to study maps, learn capitals, collect currencies and regretted not learning a second language. I ended up in South East Asia working as a guide, sharing my passion for travel with others. I found that as I went back to each country – my attachment grew deeper. I got to see each place I visited through the eyes of those I travelled with. Every morning that I wake up to see Angkor Wat, trek the Boloven Plateau or sail the Thai Islands…I am grateful my mother took such a good guess at the number of pieces in the Eiffel Tower.


Masha guide

Masha Preslitskaya

Guide for: Kyrgyzstan, Iran

I was born in the USSR and for as long as I remember I wanted to travel to England. Imagine my surprise when in 2006 I found myself in Beijing at a tour leader training for an Australian travel company. Since then I’ve travelled and led tours all over Southeast, South, North and West Asian countries.

My passion is the Silk Road region with its history and diversity of cultures. I love old caravanserais, long drives through the countryside, history museums with 4,000 year old (and older) artifacts, and the great variety of food the region offers. My Kindle is full of history books, I always carry a can of Tiger Balm and I am one of those people who climbs every staircase for a better view and buys ice-cream at every station during a train ride. And with all my travels I actually haven’t made it to England yet!


Jessie Festa Guide
Jessie Festa

Guide for: New York City

I’m a native New Yorker, certified sommelier, travel blogger and licensed sightseeing guide who loves showing visitors the important sites of the city as well as taking them beyond their guidebooks to discover lesser-known New York. Ever since childhood, when I heard how my grandparents came through Ellis Island from Italy, I have felt a strong love for this city, especially for the fact that you can travel the world without ever leaving the city’s edge. Aside from living in Brooklyn I also spend a lot of time on the road, covering my travels on my solo female and offbeat travel blog, Jessie on a Journey, and my online responsible tourism and culture magazine, Epicure & Culture.