Here’s a chance to learn what other travelers have thought about their Wandering Earl Tour experiences…


I took Earl’s trip to India. IT WAS AWESOME!! If you’re on the fence, go for it!” – Matt D. (USA)

I honestly don’t believe I could have asked for a better taste of India and keep recommending you as the ‘Utimate’ guide for anyone who wants a group tour. You somehow managed to ensure we saw so much and yet found the balance for freedom and relaxation…I really cannot thank you enough for facilitating this amazing opportunity for me as I certainly would not have done it were it not for you.” – Annie M. (UK)

It was such an amazing and positive experience! First time using a tour guide and I was glad I did. I was very impressed with how you made our trip smooth as possible and if I had planned this trip on my own, I don’t think i would have seen those places we went to…fascinating places I had never heard about before. I also loved meeting new people and connecting with everyone!” – Felinda A. (USA)

What a trip of a lifetime for all…..truly outstanding and we owe it all to your preparation and easy going manner.” – Albert R. (USA)

Thank you for putting together an OUTSTANDING tour! Not only are you the best tour guide on planet earth, but you’re also a great person and really watched out for everyone. I’m lucky I got the chance to meet you and can call you my friend.” – Daphne L. (USA)

Thailand and Cambodia

Awe. Some. Enough said. Sakai knows his stuff (local languages; best places away from the super frequented ones). He entertains. He’s helpful. And just overall a good guy. I consider myself lucky to have met him. Does not happen often.” – Paul H. (Luxembourg)

Sakai was knowledgeable, hardworking, resourceful and the best part: caring… All of which made for a unique and enjoyable tour. I found him full of spontaneity and surprises which I thought made things more fun and less touristy.” – Anne T. (USA)

Sakai is awesome! Speaks the languages and has a lot of connections, knows big time about history and culture of the area. Also super fun and flexible, but makes sure everything is done, I didn’t worry at all during the whole trip.” – Vanessa R. (Mexico)

I was extremely happy with Sakai! He knew so much, not only about Cambodia and Thailand but was a fountain of knowledge about everything it seemed. His ability to speak the local languages also seemed to come in handy. He was very fun, caring and passionate about what he did…such a brilliant guide!” – Nadia R. (UK)


Wandering Through Romania was an incredible trip in every way: great sights, great people, and everything was very well-organized. Earl did a great job of planning an excellent trip in which we got to visit many beautiful places (both well-known and off the beaten path) all while in the company of a small, cohesive group of like-minded travelers. I’ve traveled to 40+ countries and this trip still stands out in my mind as one of the best I’ve been on. I would highly recommend Wandering Earl tours!” – Nadia A. (USA)

I had always been hesitant to go on an organized tour; I hated the idea of being herded from one place to another without time to really see or enjoy anything. This was certainly not the case with our tour! I felt that the pace was perfect, with enough activities planned to keep our days full, but with enough free time to relax and do our own thing. Although we had a schedule to keep I never felt rushed, we always had plenty of time to explore. Earl took the time to get to know us, and went out of his way to make sure we were having a great time. I absolutely would not hesitate to go on another of Earl’s tours, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful travel experience.” – Patty P. (USA)


The Wander Across Mexico Tour was amazing and I loved every minute of it. Earl was a superb leader and chose amazing places to visit. The accommodation was beyond expectations…the tour was just the right pace with some busy days exploring, and some slower days to relax and enjoy the locations. It seemed like the value for money was too good to be true.” – Alison S. (Australia)

Thank you for an awesome trip in Mexico. Now that I’ve digested it, it was really a life experience…it seemed like you covered stuff that wasn’t even on the itinerary and you really are good at what you do.” – Ryan M. (USA)

Traveling with Earl was everything I thought it would be and more! His genuine enthusiasm was contagious, and he went above and beyond to submerse the whole group in as much culture as he could. He quickly became not only my tour guide but my friend, and I’m already planning on traveling again with him in the near future!” – Michelle M. (USA)

The Mexico tour itself was in one word: Amazing. As I write this, I cannot believe that I’ve seen and done so much in two weeks. Our itinerary crafted a beautifully varied, and well-paced tour. I would not hesitate to recommend this tour to anyone and especially someone who wants to start venturing out on their own for the first time. I think the most powerful testimony I can give is this: I already paid my deposit for the India tour for October this year!” – Queenie (USA)


I enjoyed myself immensely and am looking forward to the next one. I have done three Wandering Earl tours so far, two led by Sakai. Sakai has an improbable collection of skill sets and knowledge that makes him an ideal tour leader. He speaks more languages than I can count on both hands, including Thai, Khmer, Arabic and I don’t know what all. His knowledge also runs to the more practical side of things, such as: which taxi cabs are least likely to rip you off in Hanoi, Vietnam (the green and white ‘Mai Lin’ taxis), what is the best 1940s bar in Siem Reap, Cambodia (Ms. Wong’s on Pub Street) and which leach protectors you should wear when tramping through the jungle. Anything he doesn’t know, he knows how to find out.” – Gordon H. (USA)

Our trip exceeded our expectations on almost all levels. We were instantly comfortable as Sakai instantly put us under his fun and knowledgable wings and the adventure began… One of the most amazing parts of the trip was each destination had such different nuances and joys to be witnessed. We soaked in each of these and left each destination with sadness that we didn’t have more time to explore and immerse a bit further. The trip was planned perfectly as each new place seemed to more familiar and more fascinating. A South/North trip was definitely the way to see Vietnam. We have been forever changed by this trip and sincerely thank you for making it easy and a reality for us. We learned so much and have a love for Southeast Asia that I fear will not be extinguished.” – Catie L. (USA)

We’ve never done a tour because we essentially don’t really consider ourselves the kind of travelers that like tours. However, reading your blog and knowing that the group will be small, we went, and haven’t regretted the decision one minute. The things I’d hate about tours (and actually observed in a hotel with another tour group), is the sense of being herded and hustled. I do realize there’s a schedule to keep but beyond that, I loved the sense of freedom we had to do our own thing if we chose. There was no stigma to going off alone or choosing not to share in an activity. Loved that. We also realized that we would never have done all the things we did on our own, so the tour was well worth it.” – Tina and Ron O. (USA)


It was so much more than I expected. Although I usually travel alone, and I was not sure initially if I could fit into this kind of travel, I now know that that was the best way to go. Masha….she is a guide extraordinaire! Her encyclopedic knowledge and her fluency in the Russian language was particularly invaluable, plus her constant enthusiasm, sense of fun and boundless energy…just awe-inspiring!” – Kae Chee W. (Singapore)

I’ve never been on a group tour before, but I would definitely join one of your tours again. It was a perfect mix of city/town and nature, and Masha made it all the more special.She always knew what we needed and wanted. She was able to answer all our questions whether it was Kyrgyz culture, soviet history and everything in between. If you ever branch further into the Stans, Central Asia or the Middle East I will definitely be booking a place on a tour!” – Amy M. (Ireland)

Awesome! Good stays, cool driver, best guide, very ‘local’ and not only sightseeing, overall a unique experience!” – Reto V. (Switzerland)