Confidence and Safety

Safety is not something we take lightly. When you travel with Wandering Earl Tours, you can be confident that the safety of every traveler, team member and local population is our top priority…always.

Safety policies

My goal when starting Wandering Earl Tours was to provide unique, locally-focused, small-group trips to some of my favorite destinations around the world. Despite the challenges of the past years, this focus has not changed. Instead, I’ve made sure that we’ve adapted to the current travel landscape. With a new set of policies and procedures that will be implemented on all of our trips, and which will evolve as needed, you can be confident that your health and safety will always be a priority while traveling with us to our incredible destinations. 

Derek Baron
Founder, Wandering Earl Tours

Always updated

Our team is keeping as updated as possible on the global situation. We are constantly reviewing the latest news, rules and policies for each of the countries we operate in. In addition, we have weekly correspondence with our close local contacts and tourism representatives in each country. They provide us a deeper understanding and further ideas about how to keep our rewarding tours operating safely at all times.

Small groups

Our trips will continue to be small group trips, with a typical maximum of 12 people. This style allows us to reach more off-the-beaten-path destinations, participate in local activities and stay in accommodations that are not full of other tourists, all while adhering to our safety and cleanliness policies. In our opinion, small group travel is the way to go for a unique, genuine and safe travel experience.

Expert Tour Leaders

Every tour is led by one of our amazing Expert Tour Leaders who are there to ensure your trip runs smoothly and safely. These leaders are with you throughout your experience and are highly skilled in handling all kinds of situations. They also work side by side with our fantastic team of local contacts who offer a level of expertise that ensures any situation that might arise can be handled quickly and properly.


Three weeks before your trip begins, we’ll create a WhatsApp group specifically for your tour. This will allow our Expert Tour Leader to start communicating with you directly, keeping you updated on any necessary preparations and answering your questions right away. This will also provide an excellent chance to connect with your fellow travelers before you all arrive!

Book with confidence

On all of our tours, we plan to maintain our updated booking policy to ensure you can reserve your spot with complete confidence. This policy allows for your deposit to be 100% refundable for 30 days after your booking is made so that you don’t lose out in case your plans change.

*Tour balance payments are due 90 days before the tour start date.