Colorful India: Textiles, Crafts and Beyond! (2021 Travel Tribe)

India Tour (shared room)
Oct 06
Oct 22
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India Tour (single room)
Oct 06
Oct 22
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There is simply no place quite like incredible India!

One of the most chaotic, vibrant countries on the planet, this private Travel Tribe tour promises to be a feast for the senses. A constant learning experience for travelers who are eager to explore India’s wide-ranging textile traditions and many other unique crafts. We’ll travel to large cities, small towns and dusty villages for hands-on workshops, demonstrations, authentic cultural exchanges with local women and interaction with a wide range of superbly talented artisans in their communities.

Join us as we travel via first-class bullet train, meander through craft markets, bazaars  and fabric shops, enjoy amazing local cuisine, check out religious sites, mind-boggling stepwells, ancient forts and palaces and visit incredible non-profit organizations and schools. 

India is a land of staggering diversity and we’ll sample some of the best it has to offer including an open air tiger safari, Lake Pichola, the amazing Rann of Kutch and the Thar Desert, a vast flat expanse of white salt crystals dividing India and Pakistan and Gujarati villages so remote, they’d be impossible to find without our wonderful local guide.

*BOOK WITH CONFIDENCE: To reserve your spot on a tour, a $500 deposit will be required. However, you can book with complete peace of mind as this deposit will be 100% refundable until 6 months prior to the trip start date.

Tour itinerary (17 days)
Day 1: Delhi - Arrival Day
Day 2: Delhi
Day 3 - 4: Ranthambore
Day 5 - 6: Bundi
Day 7 - 9: Udaipur
Day 10 - 14: Bhuj / Rann of Kutch
Day 15: Ahmedabad
Day 16: Delhi
Day 17: Departure day
Tour Highlights
Local villages
Cultural exchange
Traditional crafts
Hands-on workshops
Local cooperatives
Great food
Religious ceremonies
School visits
Intriguing cities

What other travelers say

The textile tour was beyond anything I could have imagined. I loved the people to people contact with villagers that I’d never experience on any other “touristy” tour. We had a superb tour manager. He added so much to the group and handled every situation. Such an interesting life he has lead and those experiences enhanced our experiences. He is a real treasure. Our local guides were excellent, too. Kuldip in Kutch knows his stuff and as he guided us through the local remote craft villages, he educated us on responsible tourism. His pride in his country showed through. I can’t say enough about our drivers! They each deserve a Medal of Honor for getting us safely from place to place! The tour itself was well thought out, I loved seeing these communities in action, going about their daily lives. It certainly makes you look at their products with new eyes. These are such hard working folks. I absolutely loved being on this Wandering Earl tour. What a great way to see the real India. I also appreciate the ease of contacting you and other representatives of WE. Y’all we always available and so helpful when questions arose. I will certainly recommend you to others with an adventurous spirit... and look forward to other itineraries in different countries that y’all put together.
Katherine S.
This tour was one of the best I’ve ever taken - and I’ve been on at least 15 - 20, including cruises. It’s hard to say what was the best part. Definitely the time in the desert, although I really liked the earlier time also. The trip to the salt marsh and all the crafts in the little villages in the desert was fantastic. Having hands-on experiences in the crafts was well worth the time. All-in-all it was an absolutely fantastic tour!
Trudy R.
I have been raving about the trip to anyone who asks about it (and even those who have not!). This trip is the best trip I have ever taken... our tour leader has a great sense of humor (and very distinctive laugh), knew so much about all the places we went, checked out each kitchen before he would let us eat at that restaurant, was willing to give up his room for us when the situation made it necessary, and did his best to add things to our agenda based on what we wanted, (Gandhi’s house in my case), and all in all helped make the trip wonderful. What I liked best about the 3 weeks was the variety of activities. Every day was a new adventure, whether we were visiting a palace and step well, going on a safari or seeing how different fabrics and crafts were made and decorated. I liked the fact that we had hands on experiences. All in all I loved this trip. I will never forget this trip and have been telling everyone to look up Wandering Earl Tours if they want to have a trip like non other!
Mary K.
The trip was terrific! I’d give it a 99% when thinking about it. I really loved every minute of it. Our tour leader's flexibility and desire to make this trip wonderful for each individual was another positive. He was exceptional in meeting everyone’s needs and working out issues among the travelers which I found remarkable. He’s definitely found his calling! Other than that, the choice of local guides was spot on. The villages we visited were each more interesting than the next. The temples and sites we visited were each fascinating and perfect! I loved the hands on nature of the trip. All in all it definitely met my expectations.
Lauren S.
I honestly don’t believe I could have asked for a better taste of India and keep recommending you as the "Ultimate" guide for anyone who wants a group tour. You somehow managed to ensure we saw so much and yet found the balance for freedom and relaxation…I really cannot thank you enough for facilitating this amazing opportunity for me as I certainly would not have done it were it not for you.
Annie M. (UK)
It was such an amazing and positive experience! First time using a tour guide and I was glad I did. I was very impressed with how you made our trip smooth as possible and if I had planned this trip on my own, I don’t think i would have seen those places we went to…fascinating places I had never heard about before. I also loved meeting new people and connecting with everyone!
Felinda A. (USA)
What a trip of a lifetime for all…..truly outstanding and we owe it all to your preparation and easy going manner.
Albert R.
I took a Wandering Earl trip to India. IT WAS AWESOME!! If you’re on the fence, go for it!
Matt D. (USA)
Thank you for putting together an OUTSTANDING tour! Not only are you the best tour guide on planet earth, but you’re also a great person and really watched out for everyone. I’m lucky I got the chance to meet you and can call you my friend.
Daphne L. (USA)
I can not say enough good things about the trip and there’s no way to express in words how grateful I am of the experience. You really paid attention to everyone's individual interests and genuinely wanted to make everyone happy. It felt so personalized. The service was concierge level! All the little details and surprises you put into the tour just made it so special… and you were able to answer everyones questions with your knowledge of the country!! The accommodations, drivers, and other guides were awesome too! I can go on forever. I only took away great memories and I look forward to doing another tour in the future!
Amanda W.
The trip was amazing, on every level. Your experience and curiosity has created an amazing itinerary, and your willingness to accommodate the random wishes that came up was above and beyond. India is just endless fascination. The accommodations were great, and as someone that doesn’t really care about the food experience…it was great!! You are just the perfect host!!
Maxine H.
What a wild and exciting place India is. I see why you love it so much! I really can’t thank you enough for introducing me to India in the way you did. I’m so glad I saw what I did, and for your attentiveness to our questions and requests.
Rose M.
Overall, the trip was amazing. Usually, when I go on vacation, I plan everything. There is no way I could have planned a trip of this magnitude. Your experiences and the connections that you have made in India allowed me, and I am sure the others, to have the best time. It's an overwhelming country, intense and beautiful - thank you for being a great guide to help us navigate India!
Wendy C.
India Tour (shared room)
Oct 06
Oct 22
2/12 Spots booked
India Tour (single room)
Oct 06
Oct 22
1/6 Spots booked

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Tour Details

Derek Baron guide
Guide: Derek Baron
About Derek »
Derek Baron guide

Derek Baron

Guide for: India, Istanbul, Romania, Mexico, Morocco


In 1999 I began living, traveling and working around the world. I’ve taught English in Thailand, worked as a Tour Manager on board cruise ships and I've run a popular travel blog,, for the past 9 years. In 2012, I started Wandering Earl Tours, and I've been organizing and leading tours in over a dozen countries ever since.

When asked why I travel, my answer is always the same. People. I'm addicted to meeting new people that I would never have met if I wasn't traveling. Through these interactions I am able to gain a first-hand education like no other and that education alone is exactly what keeps me on the road for so long. As a result, organizing and leading super-fun trips has been the perfect match for me!

Physical Level: Medium 

Physical Level: Medium

The physical demands are moderate. While the activities on our tour itinerary are not very strenuous, please note that this trip can involve the following: Somewhat long days, walking tours in crowded, chaotic cities and dusty villages, a local cuisine that may not be suited to restrictive dietary requirements, potentially warm, sticky weather and early morning wake-ups. Due to the remote and widespread destinations on our itinerary, there are a few long drives, a train ride and a domestic flight included on this trip offering you the chance to enjoy the diverse scenery and become better acquainted with each other. Although we travel comfortably in large vehicles with wonderful drivers to cover most of our overland travel, we will likely use a variety of transport to get around that may include rickshaws and trains. Packing light is recommended and will simplify moving from place to place! Of Special Note: It’s especially important that you consider any pre-existing health conditions you may have to determine if India is an appropriate destination for you personally. In small group travel, it’s important to remember one individual's health and well-being while on the road, has the power to impact us all.
Small Group (12 or less) 
Included in the tour cost: 
  • Small group (maximum 12 participants)
  • Wandering Earl Tours group leader throughout
  • Local guides in each destination
  • All accommodation (16 nights – 3* hotels, heritage properties, traditional bungalows)
  • Breakfast every day, 7 lunches and 13 dinners
  • Transportation in India (vans, train, internal flight)
  • All activities, workshops, lessons mentioned and all entrance fees
  • Gratuities at hotels/included meals
  • Bottled water throughout the trip
  • All airport transfers
What's not included: 
  • Flights to/from India
  • Passport/visa fees
  • Meals and activities not mentioned
  • Travel insurance (mandatory)
  • Gratuities
Everywhere we eat on this tour will always be clean, good quality, food will be prepared only with filtered water and, apart from a couple of places that specialize in one local dish, offer a variety of food. We’ll also enjoy homemade meals cooked up by local families too and have plenty of opportunities to try local specialties in each area.

On this trip, we’ll stay in a combination of 3* hotels, heritage properties (boutique hotels inside of historical buildings) and traditional bungalows. All rooms offer a comfortable stay with a private bathroom. Whenever possible, we stay in small locally owned establishments which means the amount of available single rooms may be limited. For this particular trip, there is a maximum of 6 single rooms available. These rooms will be offered on a first come-first served basis. The remainder of the rooms will be shared. Solo travelers will be paired together, two travelers per room in two single beds.

Questions? Comments?
If you have any questions or concerns about this tour, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

SUBJECT TO CHANGE – All itineraries and activities listed are subject to change. Final itineraries will always be provided prior to the trip.