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Aug 01
Aug 13
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This Vietnam tour will take you from south to north, visiting both inland and coastal areas, covering major, bustling cities as well as intriguing towns and quiet villages along the way.

With so much diversity and so many highlights, both well-visited and off-the-beaten-path, Vietnam offers a combination of history, culture, oh-so-yummy food, stunning nature (from mountains to the sea), unique activities and so much more… the kind of combination that few countries can offer.

Vietnam is a country in a rapid state of change and this is your chance to experience the fascinating result with one of the best guides in the entire region leading the way!

(This tour also offers an optional extension – a 2-day boat excursion around gorgeous Halong Bay.)

Tour itinerary (14 days)
Day 1 - 2: Ho Chi Minh City
Day 2 - 3: Dalat
Day 4 - 5: Nha Trang
Day 6: Quy Nhon
Day 7 - 9: Hoi An
Day 10: Hue
Day 11 - 12: Dong Hoi
Day 13 - 14: Hanoi
Day 14 - 15: Halong Bay (add-on)
Tour Highlights
Local experiences
Quaint towns
Local people

What other travelers say

I enjoyed myself immensely and am looking forward to the next one. I have done three Wandering Earl tours so far, two led by Sakai. Sakai has an improbable collection of skill sets and knowledge that makes him an ideal tour leader. He speaks more languages than I can count on both hands, including Thai, Khmer, Arabic and I don’t know what all. His knowledge also runs to the more practical side of things, such as: which taxi cabs are least likely to rip you off in Hanoi, Vietnam (the green and white ‘Mai Lin’ taxis), what is the best 1940s bar in Siem Reap, Cambodia (Ms. Wong’s on Pub Street) and which leach protectors you should wear when tramping through the jungle. Anything he doesn’t know, he knows how to find out.
Gordon H. (USA)
Our trip exceeded our expectations on almost all levels. We were instantly comfortable as Sakai instantly put us under his fun and knowledgable wings and the adventure began… One of the most amazing parts of the trip was each destination had such different nuances and joys to be witnessed. We soaked in each of these and left each destination with sadness that we didn’t have more time to explore and immerse a bit further. The trip was planned perfectly as each new place seemed to more familiar and more fascinating. A South/North trip was definitely the way to see Vietnam. We have been forever changed by this trip and sincerely thank you for making it easy and a reality for us. We learned so much and have a love for Southeast Asia that I fear will not be extinguished.
Katie L. (USA)
We’ve never done a tour because we essentially don’t really consider ourselves the kind of travelers that like tours. However, reading your blog and knowing that the group will be small, we went, and haven’t regretted the decision one minute. The things I’d hate about tours (and actually observed in a hotel with another tour group), is the sense of being herded and hustled. I do realize there’s a schedule to keep but beyond that, I loved the sense of freedom we had to do our own thing if we chose. There was no stigma to going off alone or choosing not to share in an activity. Loved that. We also realized that we would never have done all the things we did on our own, so the tour was well worth it.
Tina and Ron O. (USA)
The Tour
Aug 01
Aug 13
2/10 Spots booked

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Tour Details

Guide: Sakai Naismith
About Sakai »

Sakai Naismith

Guide for: All Southeast Asia tours (Thailand/Cambodia, Vietnam, Bangkok to Singapore)


When I was 12 my mother won a trip to France by guessing the number of mechano pieces in the Eiffel Tower at our local shopping centre. My parents over-capitalised on the trip and we visited 13 countries in 3 weeks. When we returned it seemed the whole family settled back into the daily grind with a sense of relief. I was restless for a long time afterwards, constantly reliving the experience and reminding myself of everything I had seen. I started to study maps, learn capitals, collect currencies and regretted not learning a second language. I ended up in South East Asia working as a guide, sharing my passion for travel with others. I found that as I went back to each country – my attachment grew deeper. I got to see each place I visited through the eyes of those I travelled with. Every morning that I wake up to see Angkor Wat, trek the Boloven Plateau or sail the Thai Islands…I am grateful my mother took such a good guess at the number of pieces in the Eiffel Tower.

Physical Level: Medium 

Physical Level: Medium

While the tour itself is not very strenuous, please note that it can involve the following: somewhat long days, a good amount of walking, being in the sun in potentially hot temperatures, long journeys, early morning wake-ups and other similar scenarios.
Small Group (10 or less) 
Included in the tour cost: 
  • Accommodation (twin share)
  • Transportation within Vietnam
  • All activities and entrance fees
  • Local guides
  • Breakfast each day
  • 8 lunches/dinners
  • Visa assistance
What's not included: 
  • Flights to/from Vietnam
  • Meals and activities not mentioned
  • Travel insurance
  • Passport/visa fees
  • Gratuities/tips

Prices are based on twin-share. Solo travelers of the same sex will be placed together in a room with two beds. We will be using budget to mid-range guesthouses/hotels of good quality that offer comfortable facilities. (If you wish to have your own room, the single supplement cost is $450 USD.)

Questions? Comments?
If you have any questions or concerns about this tour, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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