Responsible Travel

Our Mission

At Wandering Earl Tours, we’re committed to promoting and offering responsible, respectful and sustainable travel experiences around the world.

We’ve made it our core goal to sustainably support and empower local businesses and tourism efforts in each destination that we visit. Every aspect of our trips, from accommodation to local guides, activities to meals, and everything in between, are chosen to ensure that your tourism dollar leaves a lasting impact where it counts most – with the local community.

Our Tours

Our passion for creating authentic and meaningful tours motivates us to organize unique travel experiences that not only change the lives of our guests but also support local communities in a socially, financially and environmentally sustainable way. Most of our trips also focus on contributing to the sustainable development of rural and often overlooked destinations.

After traveling around the world for over two decades and running tours for over seven years, our founder, Derek Baron, knows how unfair and destructive mass tourism can be. To offset the impacts of over tourism and unequal distribution of tourist dollars, we primarily focus on unique itineraries and destinations while forming strong relationships with smaller, local businesses to help us run and enhance our trips. This has proven to be a great solution for supporting local communities and helping preserve native cultures, traditions and lifestyles while also providing an unforgettable travel experience for our tour guests.

Here are some of the other ways we ensure a real, positive impact on the local environments, cultures, economies and people in the destinations we visit:

  • Small groups – All of our trips have a maximum of 12 people, allowing us to minimize our footprint, tread lightly and visit destinations that are simply not accessible for larger tour groups.
  • No big-box tourism contracts – We do not enter into any long-term contracts for any aspects of our trips. This helps us avoid contributing to exploitative mass tourism practices so that we can always seek out the most responsible ways for us to spend money.
  • Off-the-beaten-path experiences and destinations – By skipping cookie-cutter tourist experiences that are often overcrowded, we visit and interact with fascinating local people and communities that don’t typically benefit from tourism.
  • Local accommodation and restaurants – We choose locally-owned places to stay and eat, on all itineraries, in order to contribute to local economies and ensure a more rewarding and authentic experience.
  • Donations – Wandering Earl Tours provides financial and material donations to the locally-run organizations, charities and collectives that our tour groups visit on every itinerary, while building long-lasting relationships with the communities they support. We also regularly contribute to reputable organizations around the world that promote sustainable travel, the environment, wildlife and children’s education.
  • Environmentally friendly products, services and transportation methods – We aim to reduce our collective carbon footprint by traveling overland instead of flying whenever possible, staying at eco-friendly accommodations, limiting the use of plastic and promoting sustainable travel products on all of our trips.

If you have any questions about our tours or sustainable travel efforts, please contact us at and we’d be happy to assist.