The Wandering Earl Experience

Awesome small-group trips that don’t feel anything like a typical group tour.


Think of it as a bunch of friends exploring the world together. That’s the style we aim for! You won’t be herded around, you won’t travel in big buses and we don’t have any contracts with large tourist hotels that just shuttle big groups in and out one after the other.

Instead, you’ll get into the heart of a destination, meet people, try the most local dishes, wander through neighborhoods and explore off-the-beaten track locations beyond the main photo opportunities. Of course, you’ll also visit the major sights along the way too.

Our small-group trips are designed to be local, educational and super-fun travel experiences, not cookie-cutter tours that the big tour companies run over and over again.

As a result, no two tours are ever the same. We always keep a flexible itinerary at all times because you never know where the journey will lead! We also prefer a relaxed travel style where every day isn’t planned out hour by hour and we have the freedom to go with the flow. This is the core concept of Wandering Earl Tours.

Travelers of all ages and nationalities join our groups and of course, we welcome everyone. No matter where you’re from or whether you’re 23, 43 or 73, our theory is, “If you genuinely love travel, you’ll fit right in!


Our guides are amazing too, always excited to create the most rewarding trip possible based on their own extensive experiences and knowledge. They work real hard, they love what they do and it doesn’t take long to see why they play such a vital role in the success of these trips. This is the kind of feedback we are proud to receive…

You were an absolute pleasure to work with, and that you fulfilled every one of our requests and needs promptly and efficiently.  We could not have made it through India without you!  Thanks again!

Michael F.
The trip was amazing, on every level. Your experience and curiosity has created an amazing itinerary, and your willingness to accommodate the random wishes that came up was above and beyond. India is just endless fascination. The accommodations were great, and as someone that doesn’t really care about the food experience…it was great!! You are just the perfect host!!

Maxine H.
I can not say enough good things about the trip and there’s no way to express in words how grateful I am of the experience. You really paid attention to everyone's individual interests and genuinely wanted to make everyone happy. It felt so personalized. The service was concierge level! All the little details and surprises you put into the tour just made it so special… and you were able to answer everyones questions with your knowledge of the country!! The accommodations, drivers, and other guides were awesome too! I can go on forever. I only took away great memories and I look forward to doing another tour in the future!

Amanda W.
Overall, the trip was amazing. Usually, when I go on vacation, I plan everything. There is no way I could have planned a trip of this magnitude. Your experiences and the connections that you have made in India allowed me, and I am sure the others, to have the best time. It's an overwhelming country, intense and beautiful - thank you for being a great guide to help us navigate India!

Wendy C.
It was so much more than I expected. Although I usually travel alone, and I was not sure initially if I could fit into this kind of travel, I now know that that was the best way to go. Masha….she is a guide extraordinaire! Her encyclopedic knowledge and her fluency in the Russian language was particularly invaluable, plus her constant enthusiasm, sense of fun and boundless energy…just awe-inspiring!

Kae Chee W. (Singapore)
Traveling with Earl was everything I thought it would be and more! His genuine enthusiasm was contagious, and he went above and beyond to submerse the whole group in as much culture as he could. He quickly became not only my tour guide but my friend, and I’m already planning on traveling again with him in the near future!

Michelle M. (USA)
Sakai is awesome! Speaks the languages and has a lot of connections, knows big time about history and culture of the area. Also super fun and flexible, but makes sure everything is done, I didn’t worry at all during the whole trip.

Vanessa R. (Mexico)


All of our trips have a maximum of 10 people – an ideal size for a true adventure. Small enough to keep the experience laid-back, yet big enough to enjoy the company of your fellow travelers from all over the world.

We really enjoyed traveling with you as it felt more like traveling with friends than being stuck in a tour group. Every element of our time was thoughtfully planned, I never felt overwhelmed by our itinerary or underwhelmed by the sights we visited. It was really nice to have a say in what we did each day and feel that the tour was customized to us. To enjoy our experiences with such a small group was a pleasure!

Kelsey & TJ (USA)


Forget about expensive group trips or tours that don’t include much for the price you pay. That’s not how we operate. We work hard to ensure that all of our trips are always an incredible value.

They always include accommodation, transportation within the destination country, a long list of rewarding activities, all entrance and guide fees, excellent meals and plenty of surprises along the way!


That’s the Wandering Earl Tours experience.