Wander Across India (Mar 2024)

Mar. 20 — Apr. 03, 2024
15 days
1/12 spots booked
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A 2-week India experience from Delhi to Mumbai, with a long list of spectacular destinations, including the remote Great Rann of Kutch in Gujarat!
Discover a country full of people ready to welcome you to their towns and villages
Explore the surreal salt marshes and nature of the remote Rann of Kutch
Unwind in the enchanting and romantic lakeside city of Udaipur
Visit traditional villages in Gujarat, where local craftspeople still practice their ancient trades
Spend time in the magical town of Bundi, with its impressive palace and fortress
Experience a variety of flavors as we sample cuisine from several different regions
Take in the sights of Delhi, with its massive markets, endless temples and nonstop activity
Enjoy a unique visit to Agra, with a tour of the beautiful, one-of-a-kind Taj Mahal

That’s right…starting in the bustling city of Delhi, with its markets, temples and limitless energy, this adventure will slowly move south, making sure to catch the country’s most rewarding cities, towns and villages!

There will certainly be time spent at the unforgettable Taj Mahal, with a stay at a wonderful family-run guesthouse owned by our friends! You’ll also have a chance to visit our favorite destination in India – the small, welcoming and off-the-beaten-path town of Bundi, with its impossibly beautiful palace and fortress high above.

You’ll the head to Udaipur, an enchanting destination set alongside 7 lakes, with stunning palaces, artwork and gardens all around, creating an undeniably royal vibe.

From here, you’ll move on to the state of Guajarat, with a trip out to the remote Thar Desert region. With several days to spend in this area full of strong traditions, impressive and ancient craftsmanship and magnificent natural wonders, it is bound to be a highlight of your India experience, and quite possibly of all your travels.

As the trip finishes up in the commercial metropolis of Mumbai, you’ll have spent your time fully embedded in the culture, religions, cuisine, and diversity of India. You’ll have visited massive cities and villages located deep in the countryside and most importantly, you’ll have met and connected with endless people, offering a chance for genuine and life-changing cultural exchange.

Let’s go to India!

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  • 1
    Mar 20New Delhi (arrival day)
    New Delhi (arrival day)
    Arrival day
    Included: Dinner
    Upon arrival, you will be transferred from the airport to our hotel by a private driver. The remainder of the day will be yours to rest and recover from jet lag and meet your fellow travelers. We'll then have a tour orientation in the evening followed by our welcome dinner.
  • 2
    Mar 21New Delhi
    New Delhi
    Highlights: Full unique Delhi city tour, Chandni Chowk, Bangla Sahib Temple
    Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Today begins with a full morning tour at the bustling Chandni Chowk Market in Old Delhi. From hidden lanes and abandoned villas to markets selling elaborate wedding supplies, sweets, musical instruments and everything else you could imagine, this experience will immediately open your eyes to the wonders of India. After a unique local lunch in a 140-year old eatery, we'll head over to the gorgeous Bangla Sahib Sikh Temple, a holy shrine where we'll encounter Sikh pilgrims from around the country and a massive communal kitchen that serves up 5000 free meals per day. As evening rolls around, we'll head to one of Delhi's best restaurants for a group dinner.
  • 3
    Mar 22New Delhi » Agra
    New Delhi » Agra
    Highlights: Agra, Taj Mahal, home-cooked dinner
    Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Hopping into our vans, we'll make the short 3-hour drive to Agra. Upon arrival, we'll check in to our family-run guesthouse and enjoy lunch as our rooms are prepared. In the afternoon, we'll meet our local guide and head to the one and only, Taj Mahal. After spending some time learning about the site with our guide, you'll have as much time as you wish, just as the light is at its best, to enjoy this wondrous place. From the manicured grounds and fountains to going inside the Mausoleum to soaking up views of the river and distant countryside, it's bound to be an impressive afternoon. We'll then have a home cooked dinner back at our guesthouse, prepared by our welcoming hosts.
  • 4
    Mar 23Agra » Bundi
    Agra » Bundi
    Highlights: Drive to Bundi
    Included: Breakfast, Dinner
    Today we'll embark on a journey towards the unique town of Bundi, making several stops along the way. The drive will take approximately 7 hours and upon arrival, we'll head straight to our charming heritage hotel, located in the heart of the old city. As the sun starts to set, we'll enjoy dinner on our hotel's rooftop, with impressive views over the town and of Bundi Palace.
  • 5
    Mar 24Bundi
    Highlights: Ancient stepwells, Bundi Palace and Fortress
    Included: Breakfast, Dinner
    Our day will begin with a visit to some of the area's beautiful, ancient stepwells where we'll discover the detailed architecture and history of these fascinating structures. We'll then head for a walk through the narrow, colorful lanes of the old town, giving us a great chance to meet the locals who call this town home. After lunch, we'll attend a special chai demonstration with a local chai vendor who is known for serving up some of the best masala tea in India. In the afternoon, we'll tour the Bundi Palace and Fortress, which tower over the enchanting blue town. This grand palace is adorned with intricate carvings and beautiful murals that offer a glimpse into the opulent lives of the Rajput rulers. The fortress, with its imposing walls and towers, is equally impressive and offers stunning views over the town below. You'll be left wondering how this town and palace complex has virtually been left undiscovered by travelers. As the day winds down, we'll head back to our hotel for dinner and a well-deserved rest.
  • 6
    Mar 25Bundi
    Highlights: School visit, 84 Pillared Cenotaph, free time
    Included: Breakfast
    Heading to a local, rural school in the morning, we’ll meet and interact with both teachers and children, giving everyone a chance for a rewarding cultural exchange in a village that generally sees no tourists at all. After our visit to the school, we'll continue our journey to the 84 Pillared Cenotaph, a stunning monument that showcases the exquisite artwork and design of the Rajput era. The rest of the afternoon will be free time to relax or explore on your own, with options including visits to local temples, nature hikes, village walks and more.
  • 7
    Mar 26Bundi » Udaipur
    Bundi » Udaipur
    Highlights: Drive to Udaipur, orientation tour of India's romantic city
    Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Today we'll embark on a 6-hour drive to the picturesque lakeside city of Udaipur. Upon arrival, we'll check into our hotel right near the edge of the lovely Lake Pichola, with the massive City Palace as a backdrop. After a rest, we'll take an afternoon stroll through the town, visiting the main prayer location along the water and a great spot for sunset. We’ll then have dinner on the roof of our hotel, with a perfect view over the water and of several sprawling palaces dotting the landscape. You'll quickly see why Udaipur is considered India's most romantic city!
  • 8
    Mar 27Udaipur
    Highlights: City Palace, Jagdish temple, old town
    Included: Breakfast, Dinner
    The day begins with a guided visit to the wondrous City Palace, one of the best preserved in the entire country, where we'll wander through the courtyards, audience halls, bedrooms, antique textile exhibitions and more. From here, we’ll stop by the city's most impressive Hindu temple with its carved tower depicting infinite gods and religious scenes. After our tour, you’ll have free time to explore the rest of the old town, partake in some shopping (this is a shopping mecca with a local style of painting, marble carving and textiles), enjoy an ayurvedic massage or visit one of the famous local tailors who can quickly create custom-made garments to your specifications. We'll then all meet up in the evening for a fantastic meal along the waterfront.
  • 9
    Mar 28Udaipur
    Highlights: Royal Gardens, cooking class
    Included: Breakfast, Dinner
    We will begin the day by exploring Saheliyon ki Bari, a garden that was originally designed for the women of the royal household. This serene retreat is filled with fountains, marble elephants, lotus pools, tropical flowers and lush greenery that all provide a peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Next, we'll embark on a boat ride on Lake Pichola, which is known for the beautiful scenery that surrounds the water on all sides. This relaxing trip allows us to admire the magnificent City Palace, the picturesque Lake Palace and other historic buildings that have stood the test of time, all from a unique vantage point. After our boat ride, you'll have some free time before we meet up for a special cooking class with a local family. During the class, we'll learn all about the ingredients and cooking styles required to create India’s vast and complex cuisine, before we dine on some delicious, home-cooked food.
  • 10
    Mar 29Udaipur » Bhuj (Rann of Kutch)
    Udaipur » Bhuj (Rann of Kutch)
    Highlights: Drive to Bhuj
    Included: Breakfast, Dinner
    Departing Udaipur, we’ll head off in our vans to the town of Bhuj, situated in the remote corners of the state of Gujarat. This is a spectacular region of the country, with a diverse terrain that includes the Rann of Kutch, a salt marsh in the middle of the Thar Desert. You’ll also interact with an ancient culture that few people have a chance to learn about. The drive will take up most of the day, but upon arrival at our hotel, we’ll meet our local guide and settle in with a nice welcome dinner.
  • 11
    Mar 30Rann of Kutch
    Rann of Kutch
    Highlights: Full-day tour of Bhuj, Hamirsar Lake
    Included: Breakfast, Lunch
    After breakfast, we'll embark on a tour of the historic city of Bhuj. We'll visit the Aina Mahal, a palace that showcases exquisite mirror work, and the Prag Mahal, a grand palace built in Gothic style. We'll continue to the famous Bhujodi Village, known for its intricate weaving and dyeing techniques, and indulge in a lunch full of local delicacies. In the evening, we'll enjoy a beautiful sunset at Hamirsar Lake before returning to the hotel for the night.
  • 12
    Mar 31Rann of Kutch
    Rann of Kutch
    Highlights: Nirona Village, Mutva Embroidery, salt marsh
    Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Today we'll explore the desert landscape and visit the charming Nirona Village, known for its incredible handicrafts. We'll have the opportunity to see the local Rogan Art (a type of cloth painting), the delicate bell-making and the stunning lacquer woodwork that the village is renowned for. You'll be impressed by the skill and creativity of the local artisans as they share their knowledge and techniques with us. After a delicious lunch, we'll head to the Mutva center to observe traditional arts that have been passed down through generations. We'll see skilled artisans at work, creating beautiful designs that are highly sought after. As the evening approaches, we'll make our way to the Great Rann of Kutch, a vast expanse of white salt desert that is truly awe-inspiring. We'll take a walk across the marshes, learn about the region and enjoy the surreal magic of sunset over the white earth before returning to our hotel.
  • 13
    Apr 1Rann of Kutch
    Rann of Kutch
    Highlights: Salt marshes, Sindhi community visit
    Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
    Today we'll continue our journey through the mesmerizing salt marshes of Kutch. We'll witness more of the natural beauty of this unique ecosystem and learn about the importance of salt production in the region. We'll also visit the Kalo Dungar Hills, known as the Black Hills. Here, we'll be treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, including the vast expanse of the Great Rann of Kutch. Afterward, we'll have the privilege of visiting the Sindhi Muslim community in their small mud brick hut village. We'll have a chance to immerse ourselves in their way of life, learning about their traditions, cuisine and daily routines.
  • 14
    Apr 2Rann of Kutch » Mumbai
    Rann of Kutch » Mumbai
    Highlights: Travel to Delhi, farewell dinner
    Included: Breakfast, Dinner
    Bidding farewell to the Rann of Kutch, we'll take a 2-hour drive to the town of Kandla in order to catch our 1.5-hour flight to Mumbai. Upon arrival in Mumbai, we’ll check into our hotel near the airport and enjoy a rest. We'll then gather in the evening for a farewell dinner after our incredible two week adventure together.
  • 15
    Apr 3Mumbai (departure day)
    Mumbai (departure day)
    Departure day
    Included: Breakfast
    You'll be transferred to the airport by private driver based on the time of your departing flight.

Tour Essentials

Medium Physical Level
While the tour itself is not very strenuous, please note that it can involve the following: somewhat long days, a good amount of walking, being in the sun in potentially hot temperatures, long journeys, early morning wake-ups and other similar scenarios.
We’ll stay in a combination of 3* hotels, boutique heritage guesthouses and a comfortable bungalow hotel. Accommodation is mid-range and all rooms offer a comfortable stay with a private bathroom. However, please keep in mind that accommodation in India can have some quirks! There are 6 single rooms available. The remainder of the rooms will be shared. Solo travelers will be paired together, two travelers per room in two single beds. (*Please note: If you book a shared room and we cannot find another traveler to share that room, there will be an extra surcharge for having a single room.)
Ride in comfort in our deluxe vans throughout the tour. The use of vans instead of a minibus ensures flexibility, plenty of space for each guest and access to areas that larger vehicles simply can't go. The trip also includes an internal flight from Kandla to Mumbai.
Breakfast every day, 6 lunches and 12 dinners are included. With included meals, some will be served family style and other times you will be able to order anything you wish from the menu. All dietary restrictions can be accommodated.
As with all of our trips, we aim to offer as sustainable an experience as we can. Trash is recycled where possible and we avoid mass tourism activities that cause harm to the environment and/or do not benefit local communities.
Small Groups
This tour requires a minimum of 8 participants and has a maximum of 12 participants in order to ensure the best small group tour experience. With such a small group, you'll be able to enjoy unique, rewarding activities that would not be accessible with more people. That's the kind of trip we love to offer!

What's included

  • Expert Tour Leader
  • Small group (maximum 12 participants)
  • Accommodation (14 nights – 3* hotels, guesthouses, a bungalow hotel)
  • Transportation within India (vans, internal flight)
  • Local English-speaking guides in each destination
  • All activities and all entrance fees
  • Breakfast every day, 6 lunches and 12 dinners
  • Bottled water throughout the trip
  • Gratuities at hotels/included meals
  • All airport transfers
Not Included
  • Flights to/from India
  • Passport/visa fees
  • Meals and activities not mentioned
  • Travel insurance (mandatory)
  • Other gratuities